About Us

The Brewery was established in May 1989, and it is 13th modern microbrewery every to open in the state of California. There were many awards won through the years, but the proudest fact about Boulder Creek Brewery & Café is the fact that it is a community-friendly business with employees in the first place. Before […]

Contact Us

Hi, The Brewery cares about their customers, so your feedback is much appreciated. If you have any claim, bad experience, or something important to suggest to us, please do so! Business proposals are welcomed, and feel free to send us open job applications. In case of need, we can give you a call and arrange […]

About Indian Pale Ale (IPA)

Probably the most famous of all crafts is IPA, favored by many and the first thing that people think of when ‘craft beer’ is mention. The acronym stands for Indian Pale Ale, and this beer is all about hops. If you like earthy, citrusy, fruity, bitter, and floral flavor then IPA is the perfect beer […]