About Indian Pale Ale (IPA)

Probably the most famous of all crafts is IPA, favored by many and the first thing that people think of when ‘craft beer’ is mention. The acronym stands for Indian Pale Ale, and this beer is all about hops. If you like earthy, citrusy, fruity, bitter, and floral flavor then IPA is the perfect beer for you.

American IPA is divided into two categories, and that is East Coast and West Coast IPA. There is a slight difference between these two and the rules on which is which changes often. We could say that West Coast IPA is more aggressive on hops; there is a dominant and powerful bitter flavor to it. East Coast IPA is much more balanced but still has nice bitterness of the classic IPA. There is a third, so-called, hybrid style of the IPA that is inspired by the popularity and that is Belgian IPA. The characteristics of this style are that it has dry bitter, more or less cloudy, flavor with more yeast and sugar than other styles.

IPA is created when in 18th-century unknown brewer wanted to enrich pale ale with some extra hops and malt for the journey to India. Little that he know that he created a beer with higher alcohol content and bitterness that is a signature flavor of the IPA. England’s IPA was the first of its kind and it represents the style of the beer that exploded across the globe and became super popular especially in America.

There is a new, very interesting and delicious IPA and it’s called a ‘Milkshake IPA’. No, it does not have milk but the nickname is there for the sweetness that milk sugars are added to the beer. It is a very interesting concept and a nice new flavor of the IPA on the market. We are definitely recommending it if you have never tried.